Listening to Your Body

by Sue

I’ve made a huge effort to increase my speed the past couple months. And I have been successful, for sure….I’ve had a couple awesome PRs that I’m really proud of. But, my hamstring/butt/sciatic nerve(?) has been bothering me maybe more than a little bit lately, and I’m thinking it’s my body’s way of saying I’ve been overdoing it a tad. I had a close-to-the-same-vicinity injury last year at the beginning of training for my first full which, coincidentally, also occurred while increasing my speed (although, much more painful….and which allowed no running at all for a couple weeks, as it hurt to put my pants on). I don’t know if these are related, but I’m trying to listen to my body and hopefully avoid going down that road again. Whatever this is, it’s really not too bad, and obviously, I’d like to keep it that way. So the ice pack, foam roller, and I have become friends again.

Treadmill + progression + last mile at therefore, not-so-crazy speed:

Monday: 9 miles in 1:16:27 (probably not the smartest idea after running 9 the day before)
Tuesday: 6 miles in 50:39
Wednesday: 6 miles in 50:39

So let’s have a little more lighthearted talk.

Three things I am loving right now:

These shoes. They are Swedish Hasbeens. They are, in fact, made in Sweden. A lot of time and effort went into researching that fact, as you can imagine. Total impulse purchase. They have a pretty high heel, yet somehow they are still comfortable. And since they cost approximately $1.2 million, you might want to get yourself two pairs.

Moving on….

Birchbox. Otherwise known as Beauty Product Christmas every month.

Kelly gave me a subscription for my birthday last year. Every month they send you a box of samples of the latest higher-end beauty products. Whatever you decide you like, you can easily order more of from their website, but no obligations. You can also fill out a profile outlining what kind of stuff you like and they will cater it toward your preferences. $10/month at

Even the box is pretty.

And last but not least….

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Dip, recipe found on She has THE most amazing, healthy recipes.

Secret ingredient? Chick peas. Really, I cannot stop. Yes, I may have put in double the amount of chocolate chips it called for. And yes, they may have been the jumbo-sized ones.


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