“What did you do with my wife?”-Finding my running Mojo

by Kelly

Sunday-9 miles-trail
Monday-1.5 miles- First day of Runners World 2013 Challenge

Tuesday-3.1 miles-treadmill/Trainer Josh
Wednesday-3 miles treadmill
Thursday-5 miles treadmill
Friday-1 mile outside / 1 mile treadmill /20 minutes bike
Saturday-1 mile run

What a difference a few weeks makes.
During the Cap City half marathon I was slow, frustrated and didn’t feel like a real runner. The following Sunday Sue and I met for our weekend long run on the trail. 9 miles was my plan with no goal but to do it. Since Ryan is training for an ultra-marathon, he came along and decided to run with the faster half of the 2chix instead of his wife. I started out slow on my first mile and my legs felt stiff and heavy. I finished the first mile at 10:15. Then something happened and I started to feel good, so I sped up a bit. I saw Ryan and Sue after they made the turn, and that is when I thought about a quote I had seen that week.

I have always been happy with just finishing a race or being a middle or back of the packer, but why don’t I try pushing myself a bit. So I told myself get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Miles 4, 5 and 6 looked like this.

9:45, 9:36, 9:38

Not super speedy for a lot of people but anything under 10 minute miles is speedy for me, and I felt good. I saw Ryan and Sue with less than a half mile to go and Ryan yells to me “what did you do with my wife?” And my response, “I left her at mile 1”. 9 miles 1:29:10.

Total miles this week 24.9


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