Summer, Sickness, and Snakes, Oh My!

by Sue

Helloooo, summer vacation….well for the girls, maybe not so much for me. Although I do have a few weeks off this summer which I’m really looking forward to. And I’m definitely glad to have them home more.

My mini-Martha Stewart found and made these end-of-the-year teacher gift ideas almost all by herself. She can search out this stuff on baking blogs and Pinterest like nobody’s business.


And….good thing I was the one who baked the banana breads since she ended up with this later that evening.

Yikes. Not the way we envisioned the first day of summer vacation. Cold, cough, probable ear infection….shall I go on? Anyway, thankfully much better as of this writing.

It’s official. I now have a 5th and 3rd grader. Time can slow down any time now.

The end of last week’s runs….

Thursday: 6 treadmill (progression) miles in 50:39

Sunday: Kelly and I met on the trail. The first near-step-on-snake-experience of the summer occurred. The trail we run on is well-known for its abundance of snakes. This time of year, it gets to the point where you really have to watch. This one was skinny and about 18 inches long (miniscule compared to some we have seen), but to me, a snake is a snake. It ended up being a slow, hot, and humid 9 miles in 1:19:21. Seriously, a week ago I wore GLOVES at the 5K I ran. Today was a little teaser of what’s to come this summer, since Marine Corps Marathon training starts in four weeks!

Much, much more running talk coming up from me next week….something new and exciting!

And next post we’ll tell you all about our husbands’ crazy race!

36 miles total for the week.


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