New Beginnings

by Sue


Only four weeks til MCM training begins! Yikes. I have slacked more than a little lately. Time to buckle down, eat clean, and get myself in the best shape possible physically, so that when it’s time to really be serious, I will feel good about my diet/nutrition/what I’ve put into my body and my fitness level.

So I’ve done something I never considered until very recently. I got a running coach. NOT because I think I’m some kind of badass. Do I wish I were a badass? Sure, absolutely. But I’m a realist. I’m 42 and have only been running seriously for three years. I am probably never going to go out there and lay down a 6:30 mile. And that’s ok. But I do feel that there is something to be said about wanting to live up to one’s true potential as a runner, if that potential does in fact exist. I’ve made some huge-to-me improvements in my times lately and I would like to get better at what I love to do. Nothing wrong with that, right? Maybe it is my competitive nature, although my toughest competition is usually the girl looking back at me in the mirror every day. There is just so much that I don’t know, but I do know that I will benefit by having someone who knows what they are doing help me along the way. And the accountability will certainly be an added bonus.

So, for the month of June I will be focusing on these things:

  • Slowing down. Wait, what? This could not have been emphasized to me more. Obviously a very important part of the equation. I already know this is going to prove more difficult than I think, as it is just not what I’m used to. It is increased mileage that is going to build my endurance, NOT speed. Too fast now = injury later = no good
  • .

  • Keeping my mileage up
  • .

  • Taking care of what is most likely a recurring piriformis syndrome
  • .

  • Introducing some new-to-me running drills like strides and hill repeats. I feel kind of sick just typing the words “hill repeats”
  • .

  • Getting myself OFF the treadmill and outside as much as possible
  • .

    I’m really nervous about this. But I’m really, really excited about it too. I know it’s going to be a good thing.

    Next post I will fill you in on how the first week of my new plan went….Happy Running!



    2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    1. I ran the MCM last year and was so disappointed to not get in this year!! I need to find another full to get myself motivated. I loved the training last summer. Kept me motivated and focused!!! I follow you on Instagram!!! Love your blog.

      • Thanks, Teresa, we love your blog too! That is so disappointing about MCM….and we are the same way in that we have got to have a race to keep us motivated. What fulls are you thinking about?

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