Operation #slowdownsue

by Sue

Why is it that hashtags make me laugh so much?

This week my new training plan for the four weeks prior to the official start of MCM training began. As usual, another crazy week, which required a lot of juggling of my runs. They didn’t all occur in the exact order as they were supposed to, but I got the miles in–which I’m thinking is the most important part.

So, like I mentioned in my last post, the major objective for me for the month of June is to slow myself down. Way down. At least for right now.

Monday: 8 miles outside in 1:11:09. Goal pace of 9:00-9:15. Ended up being a little under pace….I knew going in it would be harder to slow things down from my usual pace than I thought. The last mile I did eight 30-second strides. Yep, that was definitely hard, but it did feel good to push it at the end. In case you’re wondering (as I wasn’t exactly sure myself–who am I kidding, I really had no idea) what strides are, they are, as defined by The Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training:

Also called striders or “pickups”, these are typically 60- to 100-meter surges that are incorporated into a warmup or a regular workout. Strides increase heart rate and leg turnover; they get your legs ready to run hard. Strides are run near 90 percent of maximum effort for 20 seconds at a time with easy jogging in between.

So I went from my baseline pace to a sprint for each stride. Basically the goal here was to really concentrate on my form….not so sure I achieved that, however I’m pretty sure what I did achieve was looking like a crazy woman to all the walkers on the one-mile trail loop I was on. Especially after running it EIGHT times.

Tuesday: 7 treadmill miles in 1:02:43. Goal pace 9:00-9:15. Right on target.

Wednesday: 7 treadmill miles in 1:02:45. Same as above. I am so used to doing progression runs on the treadmill and I’ve gotta say, it was pretty nice to just run on autopilot like that.

Saturday: Met Kelly and Ryan and friends Tara and Justin at the trail. Ran the majority with Ryan at my prescribed slowed-down goal pace of 9:30. Ended up being a little faster than I was supposed to be (felt like I was slowing Ryan down–he was ready to be done, as was I), but….I’m working on it. Baby steps. 10 miles in 1:33:43.

Sunday: Met Kelly on the trail again and did my 5 recovery miles (10:00 pace) in 50:08. Definitely the slowest I’ve run in a while.

So the other thing Kelly and I have made a point to work on is planks and wall sits. We are trying to be accountable to each other in doing them every day. Unlike Kelly, I pretty much do absolutely nothing as far as core work and it shows.


OUTPLANKED by my 10 year old. Pretty sure that explains why my abs don’t look like hers.

However, we’ve made huge improvements in a relatively short amount of time. These are our most recent:


What’s on deck next week? Hill repeats. #sayitisntso

37 miles total for the week.


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