Accountability 101

by Kelly

Tuesday-3 miles treadmill
Wednesday – 4 miles treadmill
Thursday- 5 miles treadmill
Friday-10 mile hike
Saturday-9 mile trail run
Sunday-4.5 trail run/walk

On April 15, I was 4.5 pounds less than I am today. From February until mid-April, I religiously logged my calories and exercise everyday. Beginning April 15 I stopped logging and chose to eat (and drink) whatever I want. My runner’s knee is recurring and Marine Corp Marathon training starts in a Month.. I need to get serious.

I am reading the following books to help ensure I am consuming the correct foods and calories to get to my ideal racing weight.

Book reviews to come soon.

I am trying to add as many fruits and vegetables into my diet. Doing this is easy when I have my favorite raspberry, spinach, protein smoothie for breakfast and a salad in a jar for lunch.


My tried and true ways to help me stay accountable that have worked in the past are….

-Weighing myself every day

-Taking my measurements weekly

-Logging my calories

-Telling friends, family and blogging about it

So tomorrow I will follow my above rules of staying accountable in hopes of losing those pounds.



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