Pass the Meat, Please

by Sue

Last weekend’s dance recital.


My week in runs:

Tuesday: a much needed rest day after Monday’s hill catastrophe workout.

Wednesday: I cannot lie. I was glad to be back on the treadmill. I will never, ever refer to it as the Dreadmill again. Autopilot at 9:00-9:15 pace = pure awesomeness. I could get used to this. Plus I was having huge withdrawals from The Walking Dead. Is anyone else watching this? It absolutely has me on the edge of my seat. 8 miles in 1:12:12

Thursday: same as above. 6 miles in 54:08

In keeping with trying to eat as cleanly as possible during these weeks prior to MCM training, like Kelly, these books have been on my reading list.

I just finished the Racing Weight Quick Start Guide. A lot of valuable and logical info. Just like the title says, it’s basically a 4-8 week plan to get to one’s racing weight.

What exactly is “racing weight”?

There are a bunch of calculations in the book to help you determine your racing weight.

I’m definitely NOT where I want to be as far as racing weight right now. The plans in this book are meant to be followed several weeks prior to a training cycle. Crap.

That being said, I did learn a lot. My own personal takeaways–not necessarily everyone’s–are this excerpt (which was EXACTLY what my running coach explained as my goal):

Makes total sense, yes? Of particular emphasis for me, in my current slow-things-down training plan, is the part about developing endurance in order to maintain greater speeds over longer distances.

….and, I really ought to be incorporating more protein into my diet in general (although the book discusses higher protein intake as part of the “quick start” method). I do eat meat–I’m not a vegetarian–but really not that often at all, when I sit down and think about it. If one can obtain all the protein one requires from nut butters, Quest bars, and Greek yogurt alone, then I’m good:). But I have seen some amazing-looking egg dishes on Instagram lately! Protein is so important for muscle building, repair, and maintenance–seems like a no-brainer to me. One that I’m probably not the most conscientious about.

It also has some good core exercises.

Side planks, anyone? Just when I was getting better at the regular ones. I have yet to try. It’s quite possible I’m doing all I can to avoid them.

Saturday: met Kelly on the trail….it was a beautiful morning.

Two happy running friends. 12 miles in 1:53:35, goal pace 9:30.

Sunday: 5 recovery miles (treadmill) in 50:03, goal pace 10:00.

Anyone have any protein-packed recipes they love?

40 miles total for the week.


4 thoughts on “Pass the Meat, Please

  1. agreed it was a good book, but largely a lot of common sense advice on simply getting back to whole natural foods. Hmm protein packed recipes…I just posted a chicken and quinoa bake which I love!

    • Teresa, like Runtothefinish said, it basically suggests going back to whole natural foods. Probably half of the book is training plans, so maybe not exactly what you’re looking for. The second book, Racing Weight (I’ve only skimmed it so far) looks a little more in-depth as far as training, nutrient timing, and specific foods. Good luck!

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