What a girl wants..What a girl needs

by Kelly
Saturday – 10 miles – trail
Monday – 3 miles – bike trail

The night before (and morning of) a long run or race are somewhat stressful for me. This is mostly because I have convinced myself that I need certain items to have a successful run and if I don’t have any one of them, the run won’t go well. Therefore I obsessively check and double check that all these items are ready for me. Ridiculous, yes, but it is the truth. From head to toe these are the items I need to have to feel good starting out a run.

-Non-slip headband- Sweaty Bands were the first brand that I used that actually stayed on my head. They really are amazing and have gotten me through a lot a runs without having to worry that they might fall out.

At the Cap City Expo I purchased the cutest sparkly headband from Heads Up Bands to match my running top. It was also equally effective at staying on my head during 13.1 miles.


-Oakley Drizzle Sunglasses- How I was ever able to run with any other brand of sunglasses is beyond me. I am sad on cloudy days when I can’t wear them. They are so comfortable I forget I have them on.


-Extra Polar Ice or Winter fresh gum. Helps me from feeling that my mouth is too dry during runs. Without it I feel like I am going to dehydrate.

-IPod Nano – Even when I run with friends, I still clip it on. I might need some extra motivation to push through a hard part of run and a good song can help me block out any negative thoughts running through my head.

-Pro Compression Low Trainers-I was having trouble with tendonitis in my left foot. I purchased these socks after reading a blog post by Skinny Runner and within a week my tendonitis was gone. Coincidence, maybe but I won’t run in anything else now.

Does anyone else have items you can’t have a good run without?


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