A Letter to the G2 Thief

by Sue

Dear Random-dude-on-bike-who-stole-our-strategically-placed-G2-while-we-were-running-long-in-heat-and-95% humidity,

Thanks. Thanks so much. Appreciate that.

We actually passed you and gave you a friendly wave and a smile, just like we do everyone. In return, you gave us a smirk. Because we think at that point, you had a pretty darn good idea who it belonged to.

You were not overexerting yourself in horrificly hot weather conditions by running 14 miles. You did not appear that you were desperate for a drink. Nor did you appear to be homeless, down on your luck, or otherwise confused as to the actual ownership of said drinks. We would’ve totally, and without judgement, given you a pass, if for one moment any of those seemed to have been the case.

Nope. You looked to be about 25 and riding your grandma’s bike. Why did it look like it was your grandma’s bike? Because it had a giant basket in the front which, coincidentally, now contained our bottles of G2.

How considerate of you, though, when riffling through our cooler bag, to leave us our bottles of water. Had you not, we probably would’ve really struggled to finish our training run. At least there was that. So we guess we should be thanking you?

So….we sincerely hope you enjoyed those ice-cold electrolyte-replenishing refreshments today. Cause we sure wouldn’t want YOUR electrolytes to be out of whack. Hope they got you through your tough day of taking what doesn’t belong to you.

Most sincerely,

So, this actually happened to us this weekend, and it was NOT the first time! I mean really, who does this? Has anyone else experienced a situation like this??

After my rant to my husband, he came up with his idea of the perfect solution for us.

Yep, that cooler used to be turquoise. Now it’s in full camoflage spray paint.

And….it comes with special camo netting to cover it. The man thinks of everything.

Ain’t nobody gonna mess with his lady’s hydration.


3 thoughts on “A Letter to the G2 Thief

  1. OMG that is INSANE. We have a neighbor that leaves us a basket of water and snacks for us sometimes on Sunday. One weekend our neighborhood security took the basket and brought it back to the Security Station. They said they didn’t know who it belonged to…hmmmm. Those bananas and water surely looked dangerous!!!

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