Coulda Woulda Shoulda

by Sue

I wonder how many blog posts I could title with a Sex and the City quote and somehow make them running related?

So this was actually the week before last. Obviously, I am behind.

Monday: On the schedule was 9 miles (goal pace 9:00-9:15); the last mile 8×30 second strides.

Holy. Humidity. The kind where you feel like you’re breathing in water. And it’s only June. That is the scary part. Should’ve paced it closer to 9:15 for the first eight, as I was SUFFERING through those strides, when I was supposed to be focusing on my form. At that point I was thinking, screw the form, I just need to be DONE. And the fact that I was dizzy at the end was not exactly a good sign. Finished in 1:20:01.

In hindsight, I really ought to have dialed my pace WAY back due to the humidity–like to 9:30-plus if I needed to, as I should have done on this particular day, and as I was advised to do when faced with these conditions next time around. But I have a tendency to look at my goal paces on my plan and think I must hit them at all costs, not really taking anything else into consideration. Lesson learned, right?

There’s an abundance of articles floating all over the place these days with tips for running in the heat….so I won’t reiterate, as most of them seem pretty obvious to me. As I have learned, the bottom line is that when running in extreme heat and humidity, it really is just a matter of adjusting your goals and expectations as far as pace. SLOW IT DOWN. Jeff Galloway suggests that on long runs in the heat, you should be running at least two minutes per mile slower than you would have normally run that same distance. “You’ll get the same endurance from the long run running slowly, as you would when running faster”. Not the first time I’ve heard this!

Wednesday: 8 treadmill miles in 1:12:16 (9:00-9:15 pace)

Thursday: 6 treadmill miles in 54:18 (9:00-9:15 pace)

Saturday: Long run on the trail with Kelly and Ryan. 14 miles in 2:11:24.

It was overcast, but felt every bit as hot and humid as Monday’s run. Yet….for some reason this was an awesome run for me. I was just under my goal pace of 9:30. I fueled, I hydrated, and despite the less than desirable conditions, I finished strong and felt like I could have gone further at the end. Very happy with this one.

Sunday: 5 recovery treadmill miles in 50:04 (10:00 pace)

Lots of words today, not very many photos. So I will leave you with this randomness:

Now that’s a happy nappy. Girl loves dog. Dog loves girl.

42 miles total for the week.


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