Out With the Slow….

by Sue

So this past week concluded my month of “slowing-it-down”. It took a lot of adjusting to, but now that we’ve gotten to know each other, I have a feeling I’m going to miss it.

Last week was also a drop-back week for me–way less miles than I’ve been used to running lately and a long run that didn’t really seem long.

All fine and good til I realized I’m staring down a 20-miler exactly four weeks from now.

Yep. OK, then. Wow.

Perhaps I’m beginning to see the reasoning behind my slow-it-down month. And it’s making itself very clear to me….in the form of the aforementioned 20-miler four weeks from now.

Last week’s runs went like this (I’m finally up-to-date!):

Monday: Hill repeat day. A 1-mile warm-up followed by 8 hill repeats and a cool-down for the remainder, for a total of 8 miles. Goal pace 9:00-9:15. And so, the hills and I meet again. This time, Kelly found me a nice hill in her neighborhood. The HRs went well I thought. As fine as they could go for 85ish degrees and full sun. I was definitely working for them, which was fine, as that was the whole point of this workout.

A breakdown of the numbers:

Average pace: 9:30ish, if I was lucky. But good considering the conditions.

Water stops: 3

Periods during which I thought it quite probable that I was going to throw up: one, prolonged.

Times I wanted to quit: not quantifiable.

Times I thought of calling Kelly to see if there was a key to her house stashed somewhere so that I could go inside and lay down on her kitchen floor: 37

8 hill repeats on an already hilly route was HARD. Probably the hardest run I’ve had in quite some time. Still trying to work through my hill hatred. Am I the only one who has hill issues?

8 miles in 1:16:20

Wednesday: 5 treadmill miles in 45:10 (9:00-9:15 GP)

Thursday: 5 treadmill miles in 45:13 (9:00-9:15 GP)

Saturday: Met Kelly on the trail. 8 miles in 1:14:21 (9:30 GP–ended up under). It’s a good day when 8 miles feels like nothing.

Sunday: 5 recovery miles in 50:04 (10:00 GP)

In keeping with the theme of the last couple of posts (i.e. running in insane heat and humidity), Kelly and I had read about the benefits of drinking a slushie-type beverage prior to running in these types of conditions in order to preemptively bring down body temperature. And then I just saw this in last month’s Runner’s World:


OK, so I actually made them on a random afternoon and not prior to a hot run, but oh well.

I thought they were pretty good. Definitely not super-sweet by any means, which probably explains why my children did not particularly care for them:) I’d make them again though, next time maybe with strawberries or raspberries.

And….there’s nothing like seeing THIS on your Facebook news feed for a little motivation:

Marine Corps Marathon 2013, here we come!

31 miles total for the week.


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