….and in With the Fast

by Sue

Marine Corps Marathon training has officially begun, and week number one is in the books!

Or, put another way, am I really doing this again??

New kicks to kick off the start of training!

The focus of my next seven weeks of training is speed work.

Yay! Finally!

I think.

Monday: 5 treadmill miles in 46:15 (9:15+ GP)

Wednesday: Tempo day. I gotta say, I was feeling a little nervous about this. I hadn’t run “fast” (for me) since I did a 5K Memorial Day weekend. And mind you, it was about 40 degrees that morning. I ran with gloves.

The purpose of incorporating tempo runs into your training (again referencing my favorite Runner’s World book), is to “….teach your body to run faster before fatiguing. How? They help you raise your lactate threshold pace, the speed you’re able to run at before lactic acid begins accumulating in your leg muscles more rapidly than they can recycle it into usable fuel. When this happens, your muscles begin to perform less efficiently. The higher you push your lactate threshold through appropriate training, the farther and faster you can run before tiring.”

My coach told me tempo should feel “comfortably hard”. Ummm….do those two words even go together? Anyway, the pace she set for me was slightly faster than my half marathon pace.

On the schedule:
2M warmup
4M @7:45
2M cool down

OK, seriously, how many more times can I use the heat and humidity excuse? Apparently another one, cause I’m going to use it again right here.

My splits for the tempo miles:

I couldn’t quite hold onto it those last two tempo miles–actually I wasn’t even close–which felt like one giant fail because I couldn’t hit my paces. I really think, no–I KNOW–I could’ve if it hadn’t been so ridiculously humid. I felt horrible, like I was in a fog the last four miles. And in hindsight, I ran the warmup and cool down miles way too fast. Lesson learned. Again.

8 miles in 1:06:34

I came home 3 lbs. lighter than when I left in the morning. It was that kind of a run.

Thursday: 5 treadmill miles in 46:14 (9:15+ GP)

Saturday: Long run–a very humid but doable 13 miles in 2:02:07 (9:30+ GP) on the trail with Kelly and Ryan.

Sunday: 4 recovery treadmill miles in 40:04 (10:00+ GP)

My new during-the-week go-to meal:

Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken from theleangreenbean.com. One whole chicken, 5 minutes to throw together seasonings and olive oil to make a paste, 5 hours to cook. Crazy simple and delicious. 4 out of 4 satisfied customers at my house.

And with that I leave you, so that I can go start obsessing over tomorrow morning’s tempo run.

35 miles total for the week.


2 thoughts on “….and in With the Fast

    • Thanks Teresa! Is it terrible to be wishing for fall weather already?? And I never did hills or tempo runs during my previous marathon training either….hoping it makes a difference this time around!

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