Marathon Training Week 1-Feeling It?

by Kelly

I planned carefully to make sure my Marine Corp Marathon training was going to get me to a marathon PR.

I was feeling it…I had my marathon training schedule picked out. Runners world -Your Best Marathon Plan. Five days a week of running, with one day of hill/speed work, one long run and three other days of running.

A week before training started I headed to Dr. G. (My sports medicine doctor) for a shot of cortisone to help relieve my sore and stiff runners knee. He gave me the shot and then advised me
to take a week off running and that five days a week was too much running for my problematic right knee. I adjusted my training schedule to four days and still felt confident.

Monday morning I did a 5 1/2 treadmill run with some intervals thrown in and I felt great! Tuesday a rest day and Wednesday headed out for a hill run with Ryan. It is a 5 miles of rolling hills that I have run a lot in the past, but hadn’t attempted since my calf/knee injury last year. 2 1/2 miles in and I was feeling great! Started on a downhill and felt something behind my knee really stopped me in my tracks. Tried to continue with run but knew there was no way I could finish, so I hobbled home. Diagnosis (by my personal trainer) pulled hamstring. Took two days off and tried to do my 9 miles long run on Saturday and it hurt right away. I made it to a mile and stopped running and walked back to my car.

So I have spent this week cross training on the elliptical, yoga, working out with my trainer, icing, doing a lot of rolling and feeling sorry for myself. I then realized that I can still do this .. I need to cross train hard and let my hamstring heal enough to have quality runs.


It might not be the way I wanted marathon training to start but my marathon PR is going to happen. I believe that these obstacles will make me stronger.


And I will. Has anyone else started out training for a race with an injury?


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