The Treadmill Track Workout and the Case of the Bruised Bladder

by Carolyn Keene ….or really just Sue

When you have an almost 11-year-old, you have lots of Nancy Drew books laying around your house.

Week #3 of marathon training

Monday: 5 miles outside in 45:48 (9:15+ GP). Another hot one. And there’s nothing like having to make a quick grocery store stop on the way home with soaking wet shorts. And of course, that is the time when you run into everyone you know.

Wednesday: This was supposed to be my first track workout. Embarrassingly, I have never done a track workout. Ever. (Unless you count when we were made to run the track for conditioning for high school gymnastics, when I thought as if I may possibly die right then and there). In order to actually achieve an effective track workout this week, she’s having me run this one on the treadmill. The temps this week in Ohio are in the low 90s with all kinds of heat advisories. Not going to find me arguing with that!

On the schedule:
5x800m @7-7:15 w/400m rest intervals
2.5M CD

Well, I won’t lie. This was definitely hard. Perhaps not as bad as I thought it would be though. I felt it in my breathing more than in my legs. My biggest worry? Face planting on the treadmill when running that fast. I will confess, I do occasionally often hang onto the treadmill with a hand here and there. Even though I am NOT supposed to be doing that, I did hold on with one finger every now and then. Totally psychological, I know.

My cheat sheet for when to change speeds on the treadmill. Who can run that fast and think at the same time? Apparently not me. I gotta say, when the treadmill is set on 8.5, a half mile goes by pretty darn fast.

So I did my 800s at 7:04 pace. 8 miles total in 1:12:52

At the risk of TMI, but I’m just curious, so I’ve got to throw this out there–I had blood in my urine right after this run, which eventually tapered off by the end of the day; but also momentarily freaked me out. Kelly googled it for me and apparently it’s not that uncommon? I guess what can happen, according to one article I read, is if your bladder is empty, it can bounce around during a strenuous run and thus cause bruising and bleeding? Of course there were other potential causes, but this one, to me, seemed the most logical given the circumstances. They suggested going into a run with a not completely empty bladder. Well, who wants to do that? Anyone had this happen to them, or even heard of it?

Thursday: 4 miles outside in 36:42 (9:15+ GP)

Saturday: 4 mile treadmill recovery run in 40:04 (10:00+ GP). Saturday and Sunday’s runs got swapped out this week due to schedules.

Sunday: Long run. I knew going into this one I’d be pretty much solo. 17 miles is a long time to be solo. Kelly was not yet 100%, and Ryan had the lame excuse of having to operate on someone. Really, Ryan? That’s the best you’ve got for me? Just kidding, of course.

The great news? Kelly’s knee was feeling decent, which, by the way, was probably what she wanted most for today, her birthday! We ran a few miles together, then for the rest I was on my own.

And I was soooo not disappointed by yet another, exceptionally humid long run. You’d think I’d be used to it by now. Trying to be consistent with my fueling and hydrating on these early long runs, so I can figure out precisely what works best for me–my coach says I need to have this down to a science. So, every run is a learning experience. It wasn’t the most spectacular, but I pushed through and got it done. What else could I ask for?

17 miles in 2:42:55 (9:30+ GP)

Next week: hill repeats, a tempo run, and the 20-miler. Should I cry now or later? Wait–I’m supposed to love running, right?

38 miles total for the week.


2 thoughts on “The Treadmill Track Workout and the Case of the Bruised Bladder

  1. I have never had the bladder problem before, but I have heard of it. I think a running group on facebook, someone posted the question and there were an amazing amount of responses. Awesome job on all your training runs!! I did my 20 mile training run for the MCM last year solo!!

  2. Thank you Teresa! I totally feel better knowing that. I actually asked a urologist I work with about it, and he said it’s just something that can happen–nothing to get too worried about, fortunately. 20 miles solo is amazing–nice job!

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